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12” Superior 1200

The Superior 1200 incorporates a unique piston design for high performance and reliability especially in Oil & Gas applications.

This hammer is suitable for a wide range of air pressures. Its optimum performance is reached at air pressures of 200psi (14 bar) and above.

Standard design features include a jetted back head, a variable air bleed piston and a bit catcher system to ensure your bits are not lost down the hole and diamond enhanced inserts.

At a Glance
Air pressure
Air flow
381mm - 660mm
(15" - 19 1/4")
DHD112 Pin Drive
100 - 435 psi
(7 - 30 bar)
700 - 4350 cfm
19822 - 123178 l/min
Hammer Overview
Hammer Model Superior 1200 - Thrd ctch
Part Number 600435
Shank DHD112 Pin Drive
Thread Connection 6 5/8" API Reg Pin
Minimum Bit Diameter381mm
Hammer Flat SizeC Ring Type
Weight 615 Kg (1,356 lbs)
Outside Diameter 273mm (10.75")
Length (shoulder to shoulder) 1684mm (66.3")
Minimum Weight On Bit1600 Kg (3520 lbs)
Maximum Weight On Bit3500 Kg (7700 lbs)

Air Consumption

Parts List Maintenance Kits
Type Superior 1200 - Thrd ctch Service Kit Repair Kit
Shank DHD112 Pin Drive
Item Description Part No. SK93 RK150
1Thread Protector200112NoNo
4N.R.V Seat602286NoYes
5Non Return Valve602288NoYes
6N.R.V Spring760055YesYes
7Top Adaptor605000NoNo
8 & 9O-Ring (2)768137YesYes
10Bleed Plug - Blank602499NoNo
Bleed Plug - 3mm602500NoNo
Bleed Plug - 4mm602501NoNo
Bleed Plug - 5mm602502NoNo
Bleed Plug - 6mm602503NoNo
Bleed Plug - 8mm602874NoNo
14Snap Ring783021YesYes
15Bit Guide Bush602531NoYes
Viton Band Containment603819YesYes
17Bit Retaining Ring602530NoYes
18Drive Pin Set (8)600564YesYes
19Bit Catcher Chuck604727NoYes
20Threaded Catcher NoNo
Foot Valve602522NoNo