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4” Super Dominator 450

The Super Dominator 450 has been specifically designed for high production drilling in blast hole applications.

The hammer is robust and has few parts, making it user friendly and reliable. The Super Dominator 450 is fitted with a N.R.V
(Non Return Valve) in the top adaptor for a quick, easy inspection and maintenance operation. A fixed air distributor in the top adaptor means the 450 requires no shimming which simplifies servicing.

It also has no liner which increases the piston power output.

The Super Dominator 450 utilizes Halco’s 12 spline shank which has a simplistic robust geometry combined with increased drive contact area.

At a Glance
Air pressure
Air flow
110mm - 140mm
4 5/16 - 5 1/2”
Halco 4.5
100 - 507 psi
(7 - 35 bar)
150 - 790 cfm
4248 - 22370 l/min
Hammer Overview
Hammer Model SDOM450
Part Number 600382
Shank Halco 4.5
Thread Connection 2 3/8" API Reg Pin Up
Minimum Bit Diameter110mm
Hammer Flat Size65mm (2.56")
Weight 38.5 Kg (84.7 lbs)
Outside Diameter 100.5mm (4.0")
Length (shoulder to shoulder) 914mm (36.0")
Minimum Weight On Bit250 Kg (550 lbs)
Maximum Weight On Bit500 Kg (1100 lbs)

Air Consumption

Parts List Maintenance Kits
Type SDOM450 Service Kit Repair Kit
Shank Halco 4.5
Item Description Part No. SK59 RK93
1Thread Protector200111NoNo
2Snap Ring783049YesYes
3N.R.V Seat03919NoYes
5Non Return Valve603918NoYes
6N.R.V Spring760142YesYes
7Top Adaptor603946NoNo
8 & 9O-Ring (2)768190YesYes
12Bit Guide Bush604314NoYes
14Bit Retaining Ring603948NoYes
15Chuck Lock Ring602733YesYes
Foot Valve603951NoYes

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